Commentary on the Book of Genesis

In this book which is both scholarly and down-to-earth Professor Giorgi Gvasalia clearly presents a fusion of ancient and modern learning on the Book of Genesis, the foundation stone of the edifice of Christian teaching. He unravels the complexities of the sacred events and makes it possible for the reader to order them in his mind. His explication of the life of the forefather Abraham is brilliant!

--Father John Townsend, Rector at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church in Roswell, GA


In this book, Professor Giorgi Gvasalia of the Tbilisi Theological Seminary and Academy in Georgia draws on patristic exegesis, Holy Tradition, works by contemporary commentators, and some of the latest scientific data to offer the reader a comprehensive exposition of Orthodox Christian teaching on the Bible and beyond. Volume one of the Exegetical Collection series is dedicated to the Book of Genesis and targets students and professors, theologians and wider audiences alike.

Translated and compiled with the blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude, Catholicos-Patriarch of All-Georgia Ilia II, this book offers an insight into the lives of Saint Nino the Equal of the Apostles and Enlightener of the Georgians and Blessed Gabriel the Fool-for-Christ, two great Georgian saints who, though laboring for Christ in different eras, are equally venerated in Georgia and worldwide. The book, which also features akathists and canons glorifying these saints, is intended for use in church and at home.