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Join me in my incredible journey to the wonderful and mesmerizing land called Georgia, a country in the Caucasus known in ancient times as Iberia and Colchis.  It is famous for its millennia-old history and traditions and distinguished by its unbelievably rich landscapes and biodiversity.

This country - less than one one-hundredth the size of Western Europe - offers an amazing diversity of climate zones.  Within hours by car you can switch from enjoying subtropics to skiing or contemplating the eternal ice enveloping the Caucasus Mountains; or from soaking in the warm waters of the Black Sea (in the moderately humid Mediterranean-type of climate) to meditating on eternal questions in the deserts of Georgia's dry continental climatic zone.

Just think about it!  The word wine in many languages of the world, including English, stems from the Georgian word ghvino.  And it is no coincidence.  After all, Georgia is regarded as the universal cradle of winemaking!

Take care of one another and keep on reading my dears.

David Gorji

David Gorji, an American of Caucasus Georgian descent, describes his quest to seek his ancestral roots where he discovers a gorgeous land called Georgia and it most hospitable inhabitants, the Georgians.  Gorji's excitement at learning about his newly reclaimed homeland is evident in his fireside-like narration about this marvelous country, its rich history and culture, amazing heritage and millennia-old winemaking and feasting traditions.